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This Movie was Just shown at Google HQ!!

Generation Zapped was pioneered by a Silicon Valley insider to explain the public health risks of chronic wireless exposure.

Parents and educators will benefit from understanding the health risks especially to children, fetuses, the elderly and those with existing health conditions from continuous exposure to wi-fi and wireless devices. Generation Zapped examines the science and provides empowering solutions to use technology in a truly smarter and safer way. 

This eye-opening documentary is timely as Massachusetts leads the nation with seven bills to address wireless radiation and public health.

Generation Zapped is 70 minutes in length and features interviews from renowned Public Health experts including Dr. Martha Herbert from Harvard/Mass General Hospital and former Chairman of the WHO/IARC, Dr. Jonathan Samet. 

The brief 2-minute trailer is here for your convenience.

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Thursday, January 25 
6:30 PM –8:30 PM @

Goodnow Library 
21 Concord Rd 
Sudbury, MA

Free and open to the public! 
The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Cece Doucette from Wireless Education

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